How To Decorate Dining Room With An Italian Restaurant Theme

An Italian restaurant theme spreads cozy and warm feeling in a small dining room. Many homeowners want to bring the Italian ambiance in the dining room for Italy is a home to popular foods and drinks such as pizza, red wine, spaghetti, and risotto. These common Italian foods are offered in many restaurants in the world. If you are a fan of those foods, why don’t you use the Italian restaurant theme for decorating your dining room? Induce the authentic look by having the color wash on the walls, Italian themed table centerpieces, Italian cafe inspired mural and distressed stucco.

Italian Restaurant Menu And Poster

The wall is perfect with a simple wooden framed Italian restaurant menu. Get it by printing an Italian menu from the internet. Then you can frame it using a recycled wooden material. Hang this unique item on the focal wall. If you cannot find any special menu on the internet, get the picture which depicts the advertisement posters of olive oil, pizza, bread, or wine. Seeing the pictures of italian restaurant near me or drinks on the wall will increase the appetite of the occupants at home.

Italian Kitchen Tools

Decorating the dining room using an Italian restaurant theme is not expensive. There is no need to display high-end or luxury pieces. The simple items in the kitchen such as pizza cutting board, ravioli rolling pin and polenta paddle are nice to spot on the empty wall. If you have aged wrought iron bookcases or shelves, put the kitchen tools at their top. Fill the shelves with Italian cookbooks, decorative mugs, and spice tins.

Italian Faux Finishes And Mural

If you have gone to Italy, you must have spotted numerous old styled outdoor street cafes. The homeowners with big budget can hire a painter to create an Italian mural which portrays the scene of Italian outdoor cafe or restaurant. Pick the combination of orange, yellow and rust hues to create a color wash twist for the other walls. Then mimic the texture of stucco. Don’t apply glazing or glossy paint. Pick the matte one with stained effect.

Italian Tablecloth and Centerpieces

Build the informal setting with Italian restaurant style. That’s why; avoid draping a satin or silk tablecloth. Choose a simple checkered red and white tablecloth for classic quality. If you want to launch a formal dinner in the room, replace the checkered tablecloth with cotton white linen. Put faux grape vines inside a copper finished vase as the centerpiece on the table along with Italian labeled cans and a bottle of red wine.


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