Methods Used to Prevent Google Indexing

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Google Website Indexing may be the more estimated method and could be achieved by submitting your site URL to Google. To ensure that Google Robots get through ALL of one’s websites for the web site, you need to produce an XML Sitemap of your complete website and allow Google know it exists in your internet site directory where in fact the Bing Robots uses it. That XML Sitemap can get all your webpages Indexed in Google. Google also referrals an internet site that’ll FOR FREE generate XML Sitemaps and HTML, TXT and ROR designs of the Sitemaps as well. And Good News! By January 2007 Yahoo and MSN will also utilize the Google XML Sitemap record to examine your website!

Now head to Bing webmasters site. Login along with your Google account. Put your site. Do the proof as discussed there and include your sitemap location. If you haven’t currently produced a sitemap, use Bing xml sitemap generator plugin. To include sitemap go to Google webmaster tools->select your internet site handle from the domains list->site configuration->sitemaps->click on submit a sitemap.

Sometimes Bing will present a URL inside their SERPs however they’ve never found the contents of the page. If enough internet sites url to the URL then google index download may frequently infer the main topics the site from the web link text of the inbound links. As a result they will show the URL in the SERPs for related searches. While employing a disallow directive in the robots.txt file can prevent Bing from running and indexing a URL, it does not guarantee that the URL will never can be found in the SERPs.

If you need to stop Google from indexing a URL while also stopping that URL from being exhibited in the SERPs then the utmost effective approach is to utilize a meta robots label with a content=”noindex” feature within the pinnacle component of the web page. Of course, for Bing to really see that meta robots label they have to first have the ability to find and get the page, so do not stop the URL with robots.txt. When Bing crawls the site and discovers the meta robots noindex label, they’ll banner the URL so that it will never be revealed in the SERPs. This really is the most effective way to avoid Bing from indexing a URL and presenting it in their research results.

Still another frequent technique used to stop the indexing of a URL by Google is by using the robots.txt file. A disallow directive could be included with the robots.txt file for the URL in question. Google’s crawler may recognition the directive that may avoid the site from being crawled and indexed. In some cases, but, the URL may still appear in the SERPs.

Many inexperienced webmasters attempt to stop Google from indexing a certain URL utilizing the rel=”nofollow” attribute on HTML point elements. They put the feature to every point factor on the site applied to url to that URL. Including a rel=”nofollow” attribute on a url prevents Google’s crawler from following the hyperlink which, subsequently, prevents them from discovering, crawling, and indexing the goal page. While this technique may work as a short-term alternative, it’s not a feasible long-term solution.


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