Solid Countertops – Rubber-stamped, Stained, Polished and even Colored

Concrete can be utilized in copious applications working with a wide variety of tactics. This is durable adequate to final for decades to arrive, robust adequate to be employed in structural applications, in addition to malleable ( before cured) being shaped to pretty much any form or condition. It can become utilized in flooring, wall, and ceiling applications, or that can be used to construct figurines and furnishings. It can be produced to appear commercial and cold mainly because well as traditional and warm. With so several applications, its almost secure to mention that concrete can be utilized to create virtually something, in addition to countertops are no exception.

Concrete kitchen countertops created their first appearance into restaurants, retail establishments, and properties over a decade ago even so, they have grown to be more accepted inside the final couple of many years. As soon as a kitchen counter material for only the do-it-yourselfers in addition to the exceptionally wealthy, concrete countertops are usually now starting for making their way directly into mid-priced homes plus prevalent industrial applications.

Using concrete kitchen countertops has grow to be an increasingly popular way with regard to designers and property owners to attain a look unparalleled by any kind of other material. Concrete floor countertops can include the perfect design element to nearly any style design, which includes standard, earthy, contemporary, industrial, modern, and much more. Concrete floor countertops are just limited to the creativity and the ability to make the particular forms as a result.

Essential Components that Effect the Look involving Concrete Counters


All concrete needs coarse and okay aggregates for right consistency and power. In truth, these types of aggregates are a principal composition of tangible. In the application of countertops, the aggregates are of good value. Clearly, the aggregates ought to permit the concrete to setup as it should. Nevertheless, aggregates can have roles inside the aesthetics of the concrete countertop, seeing that effectively. For instance, the form associated with fine aggregates chosen (i. e. sand) can drastically adjust the colour with the completed item. In addition, if the counter top is polished, the procedure can mill in the concrete, exposing aggregates. In this specific case, aggregate measurements and colors are just as vital as any concrete coloring to the final appear associated with the top. Also, if exposing typically the aggregate, contemplate utilizing aggregates other as compared to gravel, such as busted glass, marble or granite chips, nut products and bolts, and so forth.

Portland Cement.

Portland cement is the particular binder that keeps concrete floor held with each other. Due to the fact conventional Portland bare cement is grey within colour, it could possess an impact around the all round look with the concrete countertop. For anyone who is seeking for a major that can be quickly stained black colors, or when you are wanting to leave the particular concrete countertops the organic, grey color, then common Portland is the right decision for typically the project. However, if your concrete kitchen counter is going to be white or light colors, or even you have to have this to be easily dyed or tarnished, you may possibly end up being greater suited in order to pick a white Portland cement. It has the exact same binding properties while regular Portland, but it is white in color when cured. White Portland is the only way to acquire a definitely white solid countertop.


There are a selection of techniques applied to realize a particular color within a concrete countertop. A single of the the majority of standard approaches is incorporating a pigment into the concrete blend before the countertop is poured. These colors are normally referred to as integral colours or integrated hues. Integral colors add color all through typically the countertop, producing the middle of the countertop the particular very same color as the surface. This is usually specially vital if any grinding or even polishing is to take place soon after the particular pour. Post-pour hues will grind away, exposing the initial colour of the concrete floor. Some post-pour concrete coloring tactics involve stained concrete counter tops, tinted concrete counter tops, and dyed concrete countertops. Each colour approach will outcome in an distinctly diverse outcome. Generally, the similar rules sign up for concrete counter top pre- and post-pour coloring procedures while they do with regard to standard concrete slabs. Make certain to be able to verify rules plus tips for each of these methods before attempting. For example, you may probably want to wait until the particular concrete countertop is totally cured prior to applying any spot, which may take up to 60 days for interior programs.


For every single concrete countertop, you should use some sort out of sealer. Concrete is naturally porous, so you will certainly need to have a sealer to hold the particular pores from sucking in bacteria, staining, and so on. There are really lots of different sealers. Simply because this sealer will guard your concrete countertop purchase, never cheap out and about on this step. Specifically for home applications, opt for an FDA approved sealer. Additionally, there are some that will are significantly less trouble than other individuals, and so spend focus to details like program procedures and size involving reapplying. Sealers can come within several diverse sheens and in many cases tints. A new higher gloss sealer has a tendency to bring out the richness of the colors, even though a flat or even matte sealer is going to tone the tangible countertop down a new bit. Tinted sealer will have to be made use of very carefully due to the fact in the event that the colour is conflicting or if the particle count regarding the tint is too higher, that can completely wreck the really hard perform you place in to the concrete countertop.

Decorative Props.

Concrete countertop fabricators have been trying many exceptional techniques to place their countertops separate. 1 semi- popular strategy is inlaying ornamental materials in to the tangible countertop when the concrete floor has but to be able to cure. Inlaid materials can contain sea shells, tiles, organic stones, glass, and so forth. Even far more fragile objects like stored leaves may be inlaid. While a sealer can add some protection, generally think about the long -term durability of typically the supplies you pick out to inlay inside the countertop. are also enjoying with objects to impress into the solid. If utilized upon a functional countertop, impressions must become shallow to avoid generating an area that collects grime and grime. Effect materials are abundant and may consist of rubber rubber stamps, hand or feet prints, leaves plus sticks, cookie blades or cake forms, etc.

Surface Surface finishes.

For the surface, you can find numerous distinctive finishes that a person can select, including flat, polished, rubber-stamped or impressed, troweled, textured, and additional. This finish will surely have a massive influence for the final appear from the concrete countertop.

Edge Shape.

If you can imagine a good edge finish, it really is out there with concrete floor countertops. The only limitation is typically the maker’s ability in order to make the mildew or type. Regarding course, square 4 corners are an effortless and common border shape for concrete floor countertops. Also, you can use a router, like those utilised on granitic or marble kitchen countertops, to produce advantage designs such as bull nose, rounded edges, triple egg, ogee, and a lot more. Additionally, there are a range of Styrofoam and rubber border molds that could mimic wood trim, jagged rock border, and various extra. Or, if you are feeling exciting, you can build your personal conforms. Just recall: an individual only get one particular attempt. In the event you chaos up, the simply fix is a brand new concrete countertop.